From the Mountain Top

Tori emerging from shelter, Photo by Hayden Teachout
Tori emerging from shelter, Photo by Hayden Teachout

Written by Tori Davis:

“Hello from the mountain top. We have been having so much fun here. We have been working very hard to get our shelter done. We decided to take a break for the time being because there has been a “bump in the road” that we need to fix. Once it`s all done, we will be so excited to move in and have our first open-fire shelter that we made. The weather here has been super crazy the past couple of days. Even the wind!!! There were personal belongings blowing everywhere! There have even been trees that have blown over, as well as branches snapping off too. The good thing is no one was near being hurt. The fallen trees have been away from shelters. The Caretaker Program really is a magical thing to experience.

Tori & the camp cat, Shadow. Photo by Hayden Teachout.
Tori & the camp cat, Shadow. Photo by Hayden Teachout.

The year has taught me a lot about what it means to be close to the earth and how to be connected on many levels. I love every part of it. Even though there have been hard moments along the way, we all learn from them and become stronger with every step and every challenge we face, both as a group and within ourselves. The year of the caretaker has changed my “lens” of how I look at things. Emotions, physical changes, and how to rethink ideas and how I look at them. SKILLS!! Whoa I have learned so much of them. Snow-shoes, mammal & bird species lists, sit spot, journal, mapping, wanders… the list goes on. We are never bored around here hahaha.




7 thoughts on “From the Mountain Top

  1. Tori,

    Loved to hear from you. Glad to hear you are enjoying what you are doing and experiencing new adventures. Enjoy and thanks for sharing,
    Uncle Bob & Aunt Del


  2. Love reading about all the adventures you are having on the mountain! Be safe! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back!


  3. i am so happy and proud of you! You are a brave young lady! This is something I would have love to have done at your age, too! I hope you remember me from Wildearth Safari chats. Your mom shared this with me!!!


  4. Tori,

    It is great to read about your love for all the great things you are doing. You are so much like your Popi, who spent many days living in a tent in Stokes Forest in NJ. (Even when he should have been in school)

    Like you, he learned to live with nature, even now he prefers creatures of the wild to most people.

    Love and peace.


  5. So good to hear from you, Tori! Exciting to see the shelter come together. Someone took excellent pictures of you! Love to all the caretakers!


  6. I am very grateful to know that you are well, Tori! That, and it sounds like the mountain and you are getting along very good as well – this, too, is great to know!

    A question of curiosity: In the photo that Hayden Teachout took of you coming out of a shelter, would that shelter be a new one, or would that be the ‘Root Chair’ shelter? It looks like ‘Root Chair,’ but it also looks like it has a lot more bark shingles on it than I recall – which could be a very great thing indeed!

    Keep diving into the skills, expanding your lens of perception, and enjoying the mountain – it is a truly amazing space in many, many ways. And yes, there will be bumps along the road – but treasure your time there nonetheless, and empower it. Knowing you, I doubt you’ll find yourself disappointed. 🙂


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