Fox & Deer Trail: South Africa 2012

Here is a photo glimpse of our two Trails of Study in South Africa 2012:

This Boabob talking Tree looked right out of the Hollywood motion picture” Lord of the Rings”

A Vervet Monkey leaves similar size tracks to a young human and are great at providing long distance alarm calls that we easily picked up noting the leopards movements.


Ancient Sacred Site

What ….you give out tickets in this country too?

This is my favorite shot of the trip: our Board member Renie dragging a bait trail for our leopard tracking station.

…and Sandy; how’d you get back there this is a zoo?

…..on Trail


… night we finally found the Hyena den and the pups.

Shangana traditional Village!

Ahh the little weasel an African version

Our camp kitchen

on Trail & heading out.

Fox Trail group shot-

Waterbuck (s)

Anti-poaching team: You guys didn’t land here for us….. did you?

Waterhole with Hippos

Doc explaining the finer details within a male leopard track

…..this was our prize awaiting us following a trail for 5.5 hours…these three White Rhino. Our hearts were pumping and soaring high as we backed away slowly from a distance of 45 feet.

Gary keeping it real!

Chris’s new picture for his site


Tracking from the hot seat is a lot like being on point in a tracking team except you need to do the tracking while traveling at 25 kph. My awareness was stretched-

A special thanks to Sandy, Renie, Johann, Alessandra, Colin, Pickett, Jonas, Adriaan, Chris, Mike, Gary, Kersey, Doc, Neil, Surprise, Brian and all the animals of South Africa who helped make this a special and solid 3 weeks full of tracking adventures.

3 thoughts on “Fox & Deer Trail: South Africa 2012

  1. Hi Louise,
    Yes it is! Can you tell which of the 12 mongoose species living in South Africa this one is? We have an entire “Trail of Study” dedicated to the weasels as they are such wonderful niche mammals.
    We appreciate your reading and playing along.


  2. There are some really awesome animals in Africa, and looking at these pictures, I can see that some are similar to animals over here in North America. Of course, there are also some that are very different (Rhinos and Hippows come to mind quick), too…really awesome seeing the diversity displayed here through the photos shared here!


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