Winter Wonders and Shelter 3

Prarie dogs.. on the mountain??! (check out this video!)

Hello  again everyone, yes we’re still at it up on the mountain, enjoying the wonders of winter and its many lessons. This last month our focus has been to continue working on and adding new shelters as well as a few new projects. We have been crafting and weaving our own snowshoes out of various materials and experimenting with different types of trees. Personally I can not wait for that 3ft of snow to hit the mountain so we can really test these puppies out. In addition to the snowshoes we are each building our own snap bows, which are a smaller type of bow and arrow, again experimenting with various woods. We have been continuing our work with tracking, traps, and skinning. We will be doing some brain-tanning soon as well. Shelter 3 is under construction and nearly completed. I gotta say it really looks awesome. Each shelter has definitely taken on its own unique personality and charm, it’s a pleasure to watch them take shape and the process of making them a home. An in progress shot of shelter 3 at right.

Extreme makeover dining hall edition is still making good headway, though the muddy roads have slowed our progress a bit, it as not slowed our ever growing enthusiasm for what will be a most impressive and fitting teaching structure here on the mountain. I know I know, I loved the tarped dining hall too, but you guys are really going to be impressed (blown away!).

It has been through trial and error that I have discovered that one of the best teachers is trial and error. Don’t look at the so called mistakes as mistakes so much as a chance for learning, growth, and expansion. Whats more fun than realizing you get to go out and get some more dirt time 🙂 Just figured I would pass that along. Thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and interest, keep those posts and questions coming. Will be posting some pictures of all the haps up here on the mountain very soon       -Steve (Indy)

3 thoughts on “Winter Wonders and Shelter 3

  1. Glad to hear that the “brush” with civilization several of you had around the holidays did not quell your enthusiasm for the mountain 🙂


    1. It is a method that takes the hide of the animal and make it soft enough to use or wear. Every critter has enough brains to tan their own hide. You really use their brains and it makes it really soft. Otherwise you would have to wear raw hide. Think of the raw hide bones your dogs love to chew on. Not something you could wear!


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