Mountain Update!

With fresh falling snow, I made my way up into high camp to mark the new moon and close the recent Vision Quest camp. Here I was June 1st finding myself under snowy skies, reflecting upon the patterns of the seasons truly being six weeks off kilter. Or was it the human race?

June 1st - 5000'
Bear Trailing
Siskiyou Land Bridge

This Spring in the Southern Oregon Mountains, has set record precipitation amounts for the months of March, April and May. The streams and brooks are running so wild and purely free it is a treat to wander the mountains. The weather for our tracking and trailing workshops this  Spring have been perfect. I’d like to thank Shakina Drew and young Tucker who is a fine tracker himself, for being the eyes and ears of the tribe and keeping us appraised on the Elk and Bear movements at 6500′ of elevation in the Siskiyou Mountains. Thanks, the elk trailing workshop would not have been near as exciting without your advanced scouting. This was left for us following our lunch break. Who do you think would exhibit such behavior? Nope it’s not Jesse.

Elk Trailing recent regurg.

The main Coyote Campus is still buried shin deep in mud so the lodge construction remains delayed, but camp will be in great shape for our first class. For those in Ashland for the Fourth of July please join us and walk in the downtown parade with the Coyote Trails  “Float for Nature”.

I hope to see you for the Fox Trail in Ohio or in coyote camp in Oregon next month!!

Have a safe and enjoyable summer-


2 thoughts on “Mountain Update!

  1. Thanks for the post, Joe. The pictures are medicine for the Soul and the stories are heart ties that anchor us to the land. Gratitude.


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